Senate Democrats Block Debate on Police Reform Legislation, Pelosi Doubles Down on Appalling Smear

We know what Democrats profess.  Earlier this month, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi draped themselves in African Kente cloths -- apparently unaware that they were associated with the slave trade -- and knelt before the cameras for nine minutes.  Their goal, aside from the obvious political pandering, was to signal the urgency of passing police reform legislation in the wake of George Floyd's killing.  By that point, Schumer had been demanding for days that the Senate Republican majority put a bill on the floor as soon as possible, before July 4th.  Senate Republicans are now attempting to do precisely that, but are being blocked by...Chuck Schumer.  There is no bottom to Washington's bad faith, cynicism and dysfunction:

Guy Benson @guypbenson

BREAKING: Senate Democrats have officially filibustered & blocked a motion to proceed to debating @SenatorTimScott’s police reform bill. Disgraceful. 

Chad Pergram @ChadPergram

Procedural vote on effort to start debate on police reform bill still open. But Democrats have blocked the debate from starting. More than 40 nays

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Sen. Tim Scott, a black Republican, took the GOP lead on the proposal, which was preemptively assailed as failing to 'meet the moment' by a leading Democratic vice presidential contender before it had even been produced for her review.  Within minutes of its unveiling, the second-ranked Senate Democrat called it a "token" effort, drawing an impassioned response from Scott.  And shortly after signaling that she thought each Congressional chamber should pass their own bill then hammer out a compromise in a conference committee, Pelosi turned to despicable slander:

Steven Portnoy @stevenportnoy

Nancy Pelosi says with their police reform proposals, Senate Republicans are "trying to get away with murder, actually -- the murder of George Floyd."

Hear it in this @CBSNewsRadio interview with my colleague @sfutterman: 

Exclusive: 1-on-1 with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi - CBS News Radio
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Tim Scott's bill, which explicitly included Democratic provisions -- including one Pelosi herself has championed -- is now tantamount to complicity in "the murder of George Floyd."  Revolting.  To the shock of no one, this heinous smear has passed virtually unnoticed among the political class, beyond a few protestations from Republicans.  Insanely offensive attacks are only relevant when, ahem, certain peopletweet them, it seems.  She's the opposite of apologetic, in case you were wondering: 

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